Moon @1280 mm

Last april… — yes… I always have old photos to post, but you know this :) I still have quite some picture to post from Australia 2011 or even Axalp 2010 ^^ – So, last april, I took this Moon picture with a Canon EOS 7D + Canon Extender EF 2x II + Canon EF 100-400mm ƒ/4.5-5.6L IS […]

When you shoot a 180s long exposure in Sydney harbor, you can't hardly avoid to get your picture striped by navigation lights of boats. It happens here and I had to remove one of them. It's not necessary but I think the picture is better anyway. Note there are still light traces under the balustrade, […]

Here's the Sydney Opera House. Ok, it's a very common angle shot, but you know what? it's not easy to find a terrific spot and organize everything when you only have one end of afternoon and no more light at 6pm! Meanwhile, I've tried to make my picture more interesting than common ones by choosing […]

A 3 minutes long shot, taken few instants before the “Kölner Lichter Musical Fireworks”. A lots of illuminated boats comes slowly along the Rhine, where thousands of people are waiting for the show. On the non-processed picture, the sky as entirely dull and brown, so I adjusted it the way you can see above to […]

Some days ago, I decided to take some pictures of the Moon, was my first time. I used my 100-400L with a 2x extender (see tags and exifs) for a 800mm focal length on my 5D Mark II. Both pictures have been cropped, so you visualize here almost a 1500mm focal length. During the session, […]