Back to my aeronautical shots, it has been a while… (but wait wait!, Bourget Airshow is coming ^^). Here's a little boy, one of the 30 and more the Swiss like to own. Well, funny enough, this aircraft is just an amazing flying machine I can guaranty this to you. Specially when it comes to […]

This F/A-18 was almost breaking the sound barrier, we can easily see the vapor cone in formation. Note the specific deformation, looking like an heat wave, drawing around the cone. Weather and light conditions was not really interesting on this shot, it was even difficult to post-process. Without such a cone, this picture destination would […]

Axalp is not an easy task! You'll need to climb a impressive topography carrying your gear before benefit of it. It's a challenging event, as well for the physical part as for the technical aspect of the photography. Anyway, it's an extraordinary moment you'll discover. The landscapes and show makes an unforgettable experience. Some statistics: